What We Do

leaf  As a nonprofit volunteer organization, we participate in projects that enable us to improve our community, provide us with personal growth, and allow us to build strong bonds.

Volunteer Projects

Angel of Hope Walk

ARC Merry Thriftness

Maple Grove Days

Feed My Starving Children



leaf  As a nonprofit organization we believe deeply in service to others.  We contribute to our community through our fundraising projects.

Fundraising Projects

Our Craft Shows


Bagging groceries at Cub

MGWT Garage Sale

Brother’s Meats

 leaf  Membership offers the opportunity to develop and foster close friendships with others who have similar interests.  There are many social functions we participate in within our community.

Social Functions

Sip & Shop at the Lookout

Walking Club

End of Year Banquet

Dining at Local Restaurants

Holiday Events

leaf   Our fundraising efforts are crucial to our success as it provides numerous opportunities to give back in donations both within our community, and throughout our state.

 Community Contributions

Maple Grove Ambassador Program

School Supply Donation for District 279

Thanksgiving Dinner for Maple Grove Police

Blankets for those in need

Ronald McDonald House


North Star Search & Rescue

Home Free

Breaking Free

Christmas Gift Giving

The Cookie Lady



MN Veterans




Feed My Starving Children